Things To Do

Full disclosure, I didn’t come up with this idea. I borrowed it (see: stole) from a friend. The idea is to write out a list of things you want to accomplish. Some can be big accomplishments while others are going to be smaller, more continuous tasks. They were ambitious and made a list of 100. Mine, not so much. Maybe over time it will grow, but for now I have about 25 items on my list. Hoping to get about 10 a year checked off the list.

  1. Hike the highest peak east of the Mississippi (Mt. Mitchell, NC).
  2. Go camping for a weekend by myself.
  3. Start a side business.
  4. Help a friend start a business.
  5. Move to a new city.
  6. Read 10 books over a year (I don’t read enough).
  7. Finish my 2nd Tough Mudder.
  8. Go saltwater fishing.
  9. Visit the Pacific Northwest.
  10. Buy a new car.
  11. Join the 1,000 lb club (bench press + squat + dead lift).
  12. Play 36 holes of golf in one day.
  13. Learn to fly fish.
  14. Go hunting.
  15. Learn to play guitar.
  16. Play a top 10 U.S. golf course.
  17. Send my parents on a vacation.
  18. Build something out of raw materials.
  19. New job.
  20. Blog 10 times in a month.