Amazon and Twitter Bring Us #AmazonCart

Amazon and Twitter Bring Us #AmazonCart

Amazon and Twitter have partnered to bring us a new way to shop using the hashtag #AmazonCart on Twitter. Rather than me typing out and explaining the process behind #AmazonCart, I’ll let the video do the talking.

I think it’s a pretty cool concept to say the least. While #AmazonCart doesn’t immediately make a purchase for you, I think it serves it’s purpose, especially for mobile users. Rather than searching for the product, adding to your cart, and then logging into your Amazon account, this allows users to simply add it to their cart by replying with 11 characters straight from Twitter. The item will be in your cart next time you log into your Amazon account after you receive a follow up tweet from Amazon saying they added it. With it only being added to your cart, it offers a buffer for those impulse buyers by not allowing one-click purchasing.

With Amazon being the first major retailer to utilize Twitter in this way, it begs the question of “who’s next?” It seems like a no brainer for competitors to join the party. #TargetCart #JCPenneyCart and #LowesCart are just some of the similar style hashtags we can see in the near future should major retailers decide to hop on board. In addition to making online shopping easier, it gives users the opportunity to essentially share their purchases. And we all know people who love to show off their cool purchases and great deals which in turn can bring in more buyers through Amazon. It’s a brilliant word of mouth technique, turning your customers into brand advocates without them even knowing.

Social media has become so much more than a way to share your thoughts or connect with friends. Social media marketing produces some of the best ROI, customer service issues are increasingly being handled through Twitter and Facebook, and it can now make your shopping experience quicker and more convenient.



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