Google Glass Welcomes Advertisers

Google Glass Welcomes Advertisers

Google Glass

As Google Glass continues its pilot program, brands are beginning to realize it as a potential avenue for advertising. While there certainly aren’t a major number of Google Glass users – roughly 15,000 or so – currently, testing different approaches now can prove to be extremely valuable for the future.

Kenneth Cole and agency Ready Set Rocket have collaborated to launch the first advertisements through a Google Glass app. With Google Glass still being a couple of years away from major distribution, Laura Nutt Bello, a partner at Ready Set Rocket, sees the value in using it now as an advertising platform. Bello said, “even though the technology is still in the pilot program, we want to be looked at as an innovator and early adopter.”

Through countless case studies in college and grad school, I’ve learned that the majority of the time it is better to be the first mover rather than being reactionary to others in your industry. Ready Set Rocket is positioning themselves as just that – a first mover. As Ms. Bello mentioned, this puts her firm on track to be an innovator with Google Glass advertising, and whether the campaign for a new cologne Kenneth Cole is launching ends up working or failing miserably, Ready Set Rocket is providing themselves with a wealth of early knowledge on a currently untapped platform.

I’m excited about the possibilities Google Glass holds for advertising in the next couple of years. Users will still face traditional advertising in some aspects through it I’m sure, but I believe there will be great interactive marketing opportunities for brands. Imagine a McDonald’s billboard and Google Glass recognizes the golden arches sending an alert to the nearest McDonald’s location. Another possibility is to have users document certain “challenges” through Google Glass and upload them to social media for discounts or free products at participating locations.


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