Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard is a Funny Reality Check

Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard is a Funny Reality Check


Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all guilty of losing our attention span while someone talks to us because we’re nose deep in our phones or tablets. I’ll be the first to admit that I do it with my friends in person or even while on the phone as I try to multitask by reading an article on my computer. We just simply can’t break ourselves away from the Internet. It seems to be the younger generation that this is afflicted on the most, but I can say from personal example that it is creeping into the lives of some Baby Boomers.

When I visit home, my Dad and I can be found in the living room late at night watching episodes of The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm for the umpteenth time. We’ve been doing this forever, but roughly two years ago it changed a little bit. My Dad upgraded from his Blackberry to an iPhone. Now all the questions about who played certain characters and what other TV shows they were in all of a sudden weren’t being asked.  They were kept in-house and answered by IMDB and the like in his own hands. I used to bring up random facts or stories to him that I saw on Twitter and his response was usually, “what is Twitter?” Since then he’s joined Twitter and LinkedIn. While he refuses to join Facebook, I never thought I’d see the day he was on either of those two sites. Now he has all different apps and I receive an article a day via text or email from him through them – Bleacher Report and anything Yankees related are big ones. 

My Mom used to joke saying, “look at you two…both staring at your little screens.” Well, now that she finally entered the 21st century with an iPhone and an iPad, she’s in the same boat. We all fall victim to social media and the internet. Some of us more than others. While I feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes if I don’t have my phone with me, it’s nice to disconnect for a little while and enjoy the people and places around us. Coca Cola has a funny solution to this epidemic below.

Kind of different for Coke to put out something like this. No real branding behind it, but it got some attention nonetheless.


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