Would You Confide in This App?


Ever thought of using SnapChat for your work related emails? No? Me neither. But that is the hybrid mix of what the newly developed startup, Confide, is trying to use with it’s app. It follows the same concept of SnapChat with your messages disappearing after being read. Confide allows you to read messages by dragging your finger as you read. What starts as text blocked out, opens gradually as you slide your finger along and then disappears as you continue to move your finger. 

While the concept is new for corporate use and certainly has potential, it could lead to sharing illegal information as is mentioned in the AdWeek post. SnapChat has faced similar issues, but in my mind, Confide takes it a to a whole new level with the corporate focus in which the app is intended. Insider trading tips could be exchanged and never be proved to have happened, as unlike SnapChat, Confide claims to have no way to access exchanged messages due to the encryption of each message. Instead of incriminating emails being discovered during an investigation, Confide messages could hold what investigators were looking for to incriminate. 

It will be interesting to see how Confide develops and if it is taken seriously by the corporate world. 

Check this link for a quick demonstration of Confide at the bottom of the page:



Kevin McLaughlin


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