Calling Generation Mo(vember)

As my first year of living alone has passed, I’ve seen how easy it is to go home and sit on the couch all night after a long day of work. With that being said, I actually exercise quite often. It’s mostly for the “now,” but I realize it will benefit my health and habits in the future. It is important that we as men (and women) do our part to stay healthy for our future children.  Two of the biggest risks of illness men face as they grow older are prostate and testicular cancer.

This is where Movember comes into play. Movember is a campaign that generates funds to be donated towards men’s health programs and raise awareness for the health issues men face. What better to associate with being a man than a great mustache (Mo) for the month of November? While the funds are raised for men’s health issues and mustaches are grown by Mo Bros (we hope), women (Mo Sistas) are encouraged to participate and help spread the word to the men in their lives and do their own fundraising. 

I’ve participated in Movember the past two years mostly as an excuse to grow a great mustache. This year I plan to fully participate and set a fundraising goal over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for future updates regarding my fundraising. Not only am I on board for Movember this year, but new sponsors like Discovery and Wheaties have joined the party as well.

You can read more about the new sponsors and some other features Movember is introducing this year here.



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