The Social Network for Everything

The guys over at Bit Rebels put together a great infographic on social sharing comprised from three weeks of articles on Mashable. Here is a section of infographic with my thoughts below:

Social Site Shares                           Source: How to Get Your Content Shared

From my perspective, these findings aren’t surprising at all. The “watercooler” category as they have described it, refers to the conversations you have at work among your work friends. Facebook is just that: a place for friends. Keeping up with your friends who went to different schools or have moved away was one of the initial ideas behind Facebook. Personally, my News Feed is filled mostly with my friends’ updates and a few companies/websites I frequent. I keep up with friends that are close by and others that are in different parts of the country on Facebook. I fall into the “watercooler” category like most.

You will see in another infographic further down the page at Bit Rebels that, “Twitter likes everything.” Again, this rings true for me. I start my day off by checking the activity of my Twitter timeline while I was asleep. Using Twitter, I can catch up on anything from breaking world news to sports updates to news in the marketing world. Twitter has become my favorite social network for just that reason. It covers everything I need. It has more of a personal feel to it for me. I can choose to follow which accounts I want. While the same can be said for Facebook, Twitter’s timeline and 140 character limit allows me to see everything together instead of sorting through bulkier Facebook posts.

LinkedIn and Google+ have carved a nice niche market for themselves to this point. Comparatively smaller than Twitter and Facebook, both in members and article shares, LinkedIn not surprisingly shares mostly business articles while Google+ is good for tech and reviews.

So what are you trying to get noticed? Make sure you are posting to the social network that gives the best chance to be shared with the masses.

The Takeaway – Facebook: Human Interest. Twitter: Social Media. LinkedIn: Business. Google+: Technology and Reviews.

And don’t forget about Europe and the time difference. Publishing your posts in the evening US time means you are missing out on a vast population of sleeping European users.


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